Amarillo Gas Prices - Take It In The Gas
White Deer's Gas price is 22 cents cheaper per gallon than Amarillo.
Amarillo Gas Prices - Take It In The Gas

Businesses connected to TOOT'N TOTUM

Know of a business that helps Greg Mitchell continue his crooked ways.  Here's the place to post them.

I'll start it out with Coldwell Banker and Justin Kite.  Every single former Toot N Totem that is on the market has a Coldwell Banker sign in front of it with Justin Kite's name on it.  Justin is helping keep all of these properties out of the hands of any competition of Toot N Totum.  Are you looking for property to by in Amarillo?  Don't buy any real estate from Coldwell Banker or Justin Kite.  If they'll help Greg Mitchell rip off Amarillo, they'd have no problem ripping you off.


News Stories about Amarillo's abnormally high GAS PRICES and Greg Mitchell

An article in the Amarillo Globe News on 09/03/2007 attempted to explain why our gas prices are so high in Amarillo

Points of Interest:

The article maintained middle ground by pointing out that Petroleum producers and retailers have their hands tied because they pay more for the oil/gas because Amarillo is in a different "region" than the rest of the state.

Amarillo is in the Gulf Coast Region, the cheapest region when it comes to gas pricing in the nation... Amarillo's gas price is higher than any region's average retail price, including California, New York, Florida... ANYWHERE!!!!! Last month, the most expensive region's average was $2.71 while Amarillo sat at almost $3.00 per gallon.

The article shows wholesale prices of gas in Texas cities. 

Wholesale Prices:
Retailers in Amarillo only pay 6 cents more per gallon than Lubbock, yet they charge consumers 30 cents more per gallon of gas than retailers are charging per gallon in Lubbock.

Credit Cards: Charges levied by credit card companies was one of the excuses.  These same credit card fees are levied to all convenience stores across the nation, not just Amarillo.  Not a good excuse to justify our extremely higher prices here in the panhandle.

Entire Panhandle is high: Article points out that entire panhandle has high prices.  It doesn't point out that Amarillo is higher than most of the smaller towns in the panhandle, even though those smaller towns get their gas from distributors located right here in Amarillo.

There is a map in the article that showed prices around Texas and Oklahoma City

Greg Michell's arrogance - Do you have a story about Mr Mitchell? Post it here

Greg Mitchell, the owner of Tootntotum, was recently at an art auction. After purchasing an expensive piece of art, he commented to his friends that he would just "raise the prices of gas in Amarillo tomorrow to make up for it". No one laughed at his joke, just silence. In an interview with an Amarillo radio station Mr Mitchell was asked why gas prices were rising when fuel being sold now was purchased at cheaper prices. Mitchell replied, "The only people complaining are the ones who don't work hard enough to be successful."

It is this philosphy of lining his pockets that is keeping Amarillo's gas prices as high as possible. There is no reasoning that explains why gas prices in Amarillo are consistently more expensive than almost every other town in the panhandle. will show you that Amarillo is more than $.60/gallon higher than Dallas, San Antonio and Houston.

TOOTNTOTUM is controlling gas prices in AMARILLO Texas... let me explain how

Toot-n-totum owns the majority of the gas pumps in Amarillo.  Even though toot n totum's  50%+ of the market doesn't sound like a monopoly, the top 3 competitors combined in Lubbock make up less than 20% of the market. 

"Stores in Amarillo can charge what they want" is usually the first comment I hear when I begin to explain what is going on in Amarillo.

Here is a true story from a store that was run out of business that is now a Toot n' Totum (Coulter & Holyoke):

MOM and POP stores: A gentlemen that owned a store that I did business with, and went out of business, told me that he had to keep his gas prices at the same price as Toot'nTotem because they (T&T) would lower their fountain drinks, candy and beer prices in surrounding stores in retaliation.  He was actually told by Tootntotum representatives that if his gas was cheaper than T&T for more than 2 hours, they would put him out of business.  This is no different than a mobster using brute force for "rent money" from a business.  This is modern day corporate extortion.  During the last few days his store was open, two Tootntotum representatives came into his store and wanted to know why his gas prices were so low.  There is a law against discussing (collusion) prices with the competition. 

Highest Gas Prices in Texas

Tootntotum is using its dominant influence to keep Amarillo's gas prices among the highest in the nation.

Want to send a message and help keep these prices down... don't buy gas, cash a check, buy sodas or candy there. 

Don't get your car serviced at Toon'n Totum Car Care Center.  Don't wash your car there either.  I would lick my car clean before I would let them clean my car.   Here's a story about someone that had their car serviced there and how they got screwed:

"On June 26th 2007 I took my car to get washed. After my car came out of the tunnel from the car wash, Everthing was fine. however when the employees were drying my car. With a towel ,they happedn to spary an acid base chemical on my rims causinf damage to the rims and the rotors and cataplers. I own a BMW therefore the damages are well over $3500.

I filled out a report with them, they said it acid was poured on it and they didnt wash it off. Pictures were taken of the damages, On August 13th 2007 after many weeks from not hearing from them. I get a call from Jeff Mitchell the owners son. Telling my he is not going to take responsiablity of this at all.

Carrollton, Texas